Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deeper in the Muck

Well, 3 hours have passed and we've since learned about RSS, opened reader accounts and linked some feeds to our accounts! Wow!

It's great to learn about a tool that can help filter all the information swirling out there in the ether, but I must admit to still feeling overwhelmed by thought of it all out there. Remember the scene in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", the real one, with Gene Wilder? Mike T.V. sends himself through space and returns as the teeny version of himself. That's how I picture all that information out there and I need a good way to reach out and grab the good stuff without coming up with 105,000 possibilities.

..now if I could only work chocolate into this analogy....


  1. I agree. I wrote about how important it will be for me to pick out the important "stuff" and being aware of all the other interesting "stuff". A good reading skill to keep working on with our students, I guess.

  2. I agree with Deb. I could spend so much time looking through the research. Critical reading skills are just as important for us as they are for the kids.

  3. Who can take the RSS Feed? Sprinkle it with news? The Sandy Man, Oh The Sandy Man can. You'll find the golden ticket to all of this soon enough, Sandy!

  4. I agree, too, but with the chocolate thing, mostly :)

    So much information...but there has always been tons of info. It's just that now we can all get to most any of it that we want. Better to wade in the muck and dredge up a few good things than to sigh and throw up our hands. I'm glad you're finding the challenge approachable.

    The Sandy-man? Is that what Andee was really singing? Has she no shame?


  5. Well, Andee song is no worse than "I Love Technology!"

    Remember that we are moving quickly through many "tools" this week. In the last 6 classes, we will have a week between each class and hopefully everyone will feel less like they are mucking in too much information.