Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, cards, gifts and delicious cookies! Speaking of delicious...

I love it! This is a tool I am finding myself lost in, but in an enjoyable and productive way. The icons and pathways make a lot of sense and it appeals to my strong desire to organize everything--despite what room 201 looks like after most concerts!

I'm not at the point of going "out there" yet to save too many sites, as I had quite a few to sort through on my bookmarks (time to delete!), but a quick search got me where I wanted to be in a manner that made clear sense to me. Can we stay here a while?


  1. Happy Birthday, Sandy! What an honor that you get to spend it with us...:).

    I too, liked Delicious, but at times found myself in information overload. May need to set a timer when I go on!

  2. Best wishes on your b-day Sandy. Have a delicious day!

  3. So thoughtful of you to have a birthday with us, so we got to share your goodies. You raise good "big vision" questions in class. Thanks for doing that. And, I think I sense your comfort level with the applications increasing, too.