Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hump Day

Based on how we all dragged ourselves in here this morning, the heat is taking it's toll on motivation. Heading to the river in Windham after class has provided a good way to beat the heat and to talk through some of our new learning with other teachers...we're lucky we can hang out riverside and chat!

Certain applications are starting to look more like a natural "fit" for the music classes, although the value of blogging seems very apparent--this is a change in attitude from day 1!

I will have to admit however, that the format of the class does not always work for me. Maybe I don't have the attention span I thought I did, but I find the time on task practicing and exploring tools can be a challenge for me. I get distracted by other information online, find the quiet a bit uncomfortable (I don't want to bother others!), and would like to hear more from other classmates--their questions and comments are really helpful in clarifying my understanding--and lack thereof!

Gee, the band director is challenged by quiet?! Maybe it's time for school to start after all...

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  1. I think that there has been a lot more talking today, and I am also finding that after I explore one topic area, I am moving onto another. The format works for me because I can jump around and work at my pace . . . but we are all different types of learners, and our minds work in different ways . . . maybe a little more music in the background might break some of the quiet . . .