Monday, August 17, 2009

First Impressions

I have come to the 12-21 class with some will be interesting to review in the next few days and weeks what opinions I still hold.

We have read some blogs as an initial task and the ones I chose ranged in topic from technology use in the classroom (Ann Davis), the subject of brevity in blogging, to the concept that our educational system suffocates creative thought. Nicely organized for easy browsing, all accessible by a mere click. This is where I start to lose my balance. The scope of information "out there" is overwhelming. The fact that one can also throw out their thoughts for the world to read and comment on expands the possibilities to the point where I cannot comprehend navigating this. Good thing I've got such great guides!

The blogs I read were very different but shared one common characteristic; the were very well written and each was written in the writer's unique voice. I love to read anything, and when starting with the newspaper I head to the editorials first. I found reading the blogs similar in tone. Having the opportunity to read others' comments heightens the reading experience by including other perspectives and further information. I did find some comments distracting--commentators sometimes went off topic or directed their comments in a familiar (?) way to the blogger. My preconception? I expect professional comments?

Connie and Steve are masterful at making this easy for us; will I be able to do this when I'm sitting in room 201 by myself?


  1. When you are sitting in room 201, we will be available right down the hall! I promise:-)

    Yes, it is overwhelming. I hope this course will help you feel less overwhelmed as you find a couple of tools that work for you.

  2. You're never alone, Sandy, but I know you'll do fine in 201 and will succeed with your usual flair and style! I'll be seeking your help with all of this soon enough because you'll be an expert!

  3. I like your connection to the editorials in the newspaper and how they are similar to the blogging experience. Ask many of our students what an editorial is in a paper, and they will look at you like you have three eyes. Ask them about a recent blog, then you've got their attention. It's about channeling the familiar and working from there.