Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brain Cramp!

What a week so far, and it's only Tuesday! A full week in front of us and I am feeling the definite urge to get this going in practical terms for myself and my students. To date I have:
posted all current information online to homeworknow and the school website (yes, behind compared to some, but oh well)
created multiple google calendars, one for the district events (I did this in May!), created a home calendar and shared these calendars with others and even combined calendars...

...and know there is so much more to do but need to balance this with all the pressing needs of the day-to-day job.

I'm hoping to upload recordings of the music our jazz group will perform for the kids to listen to (and not feel intimidated that my husband already does this!) as a practical first thing to try.


  1. You are not behind, Sandy! I am thrilled at all the new things you are trying. Jerry will be a help, and soon Sam will tell you both how to use web 2.0 technology :-)

  2. Recording the jazz music is an awesome idea, Sandy. I am impressed with all of the calendar work you have been doing.