Tuesday, September 29, 2009


...at all the data and possibilities! What a great resource right on our laptops! I can't wait to take this home and explore Marvel with our 6th grader---there is life beyond Wikipedia! The level of information is great--local papers to scholarly articles all in one place and credible too! This resource is much easier for me to wrap my head around, for some reason (at least today....)

I only spent a few moments on Slideshare and finally started searching topics of personal, rather than school, interest and found an amazing presentation by a professional landscaper. Not only did it inspire me to get to work in our war zone of a yard (15 trees down this summer!), the creator provided a very detailed account of all the software , tools and programs he uses in his business. Talk about integrating technology! An excellent example. Now if I could only remember how to link....

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