Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little information...

...is a dangerous thing! How interesting to visit wiki's and see the compilation of so much knowledge on absolutely any subject. I recall as a kid picking up our encyclopedias (World Book) and thinking I would know everything in the universe if I could just read through every volume. I lost my enthusiasm at "Denmark". And now look at all there still is to learn! I know my learning style well enough by now that I must have a clear focus of the topic I wish to search. Otherwise I find myself completely distracted by all the interesting subjects and information out there. I did find it disappointing that so many great things that were formerly free now come with a fee...not surprising, but in this current economic situation, how are school supposed to "stay on the edge" when the fees for these services are so steep? It also seems that this happens without much warning and once there is so much work uploaded that one doesn't have much choice but to sign up for the pay service. And who has the time to search out other comparable tools that may be available for free?
(Obviously the food poisoning/brain embolism I suffered last Tuesday evening triggered my questioning process!)

Moving on, I would like to convert a handbook for a festival I am managing this year to a google document for easy sharing with the 30+ teachers in the southern Maine area that could access it and use it. This could be a concrete project I could wrap my head around, is not too involved, and could be an efficient way to share needed information in a timely manner. I hope Google stuff remains free!

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